Technology Development

Market Focus
Technologies cut across traditional industry and market boundaries. Thus, Inovatia’s market focus is not so much on a traditional set of customers, but on a set of activities: research, analysis, characterization, and development of innovative methods, materials, and instrumentation. Emphasis is placed on concurrent engineering in order to blend the realities of production within the facility, process, regulatory, and cost constraints of the technology’s end-user. This approach is applied to both client technologies and those emanating from Inovatia’s own technology portfolio.

Intellectual Property Strategy
Inovatia considers intellectual property to be an integral part of its business strategy; however, it does not consider any single patent, or related group of patents, to be of such importance that its expiration or termination would jeopardize the future of the company. Patent protection for inventions and developments made by its personnel will be incorporated into the product/service mix falling within its fields of interest. Some technologies are protected as trade secret and, where appropriate, trademarked or registered.

Technology Portfolio
Following are technologies held with Inovatia’s intellectual property portfolio each in a different stage of development and commercialization.

  • Surface Functionalized, Probe Containing, Polymeric Nanospheres
  • Functional Polymers for Water, Air and Surface Disinfection as well as Protection against Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents
  • Neurotransmitter Tags for MRI
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Metals Emissions in Gaseous and Aqueous Effluents
  • Perfluoro-Specific Antibodies
  • Detection of Alpha Radiation in Polymeric Microchip Materials