Inovatia provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to problems encountered by its clients during product research, design, development, processing, manufacturing, and delivery. Whether in the identification of a failure, unknown, or contaminant, or in the development or optimization of a new method or process, Inovatia’s suite of technical services extend well beyond the boundaries of the traditional analytical laboratory. The company’s scientists rely upon creativity, knowledge, and a diverse set of experiences to create innovative solutions while remaining grounded in sound science. Key services include:

Deformulation/Reverse Engineering—disassembly of materials to identify and quantify (or semi-quantify) their basic components—used in patent protection and infringement cases, as well as a form of competitive product and technology platform research. (Please note: The use of information produced during a commercial product deformulation project may be subject to both domestic and international laws and regulations. This information should be used only after careful consideration of all applicable intellectual property laws and best practices.)

Method Development/Validation—development and validation of new and innovative analytical techniques to measure the contents or properties of materials or the qualities and performance of a process.

Method Optimization—modifications to an existing method to increase sensitivity or expand scope—may include adapting to alternate techniques.

Contaminant Identification—identification of unknowns in materials and processes that may have an impact on product quality, performance, or aesthetics.

Material Testing—analysis and characterization of key processes and materials including finished products, raw materials, additives, and intermediates to assist in research, manufacturing, product development, failure, and improvement projects.