Since its inception, Inovatia has developed an extensive capability to meet client need. From product quality, to custom analytical services, to environmental testing, Inovatia strives to provide the highest quality and scientifically defensible data available. Typical methods employed are those developed by EPA, AWWA, USP, AOAC, ASTM, OSHA, and NIOSH. Alternate methods are available through a number of agencies, organizations and journals. In addition, new procedures may be developed and validated when existing procedures do not apply. Dedication to understanding what is to be measured has enhanced Inovatia’s ability to provide meaningful data to its clients.

Product Quality
Inovatia provides the technical capability to verify product ingredients, identify contaminants or characterize new materials. Appropriate techniques have been employed to evaluate a number of products and materials including chemical intermediates, finished consumer products, and pharmaceuticals. Regardless of the matrix or the industry, Inovatia employs a sound scientific approach to meet specific project needs.

Contaminant Identification
Inovatia has excellent analytical capabilities in performing identification of contaminants for a myriad of products and matrices. Skill at identifying unknown substances, chemical intermediates, or by-products is complimented by a well-equipped laboratory from FTIR to LC/MS.

Municipalities, manufacturing firms, engineering and consulting firms, and government agencies trust Inovatia to provide accurate and timely environmental data. Dedication to maintaining a high standard of quality has resulted in a rigorous Quality Assurance/Quality Control system that ensures the validity of every result. Whether soil, sediment, sludge, air, water, storm water, or wastewater, Inovatia offers a comprehensive suite of environmental testing services.

Polymers, Plastics, and Rubber
When it comes to testing synthetic materials, Inovatia has significant experience working with polymers, plastics, and rubber and is accustomed to performing analyses for products of commercial significance.