Check Out The Garden Dreamer

Posted by J.B. Waggoner on Thu, Mar 03, 2022 @ 11:24 AM

It has been a while since we have done anything with the Inovatia Blog - the result of pandemic fatigue and starting a new laboratory (more on that in a future post).  Having good information is always a good reason to post, right?  That is the case here - please take a look at the site, The Garden Dreamer, if you are interested in home gardening peppered with information on the practices of other cultures.  As well, the site provides a forum for you to share your own experiences so others can learn from you.  The site is authored by our good friend and PhD agronomist, Eric Lorenz.  He would love to hear from you on the site.  Here is the link:

The Garden Dreamer – Helping to Grow your Garden One Soul at a Time



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